Family Law

Family Law

‘Family Law’ involves any disputes that take place within the Family including Separation, Divorce, Custody, Access, Guardianship, Maintenance etc. We deal with all matters involved in Family Law, with complete confidentiality and keeping our clients’ interests as paramount.

In the area of Family Law, we offer a comprehensive and confidential service. We have a reputation for attaining the correct balance between robustly representing clients and using a conciliatory approach to negotiate settlements.

Our experience ranges from all forms of application in the District Court whether access, maintenance, application by grandparents, custody, barring orders, protection orders, safety orders and all other ancillary matters.

In the Circuit Court we have a complete range of experience concerning all forms of applications; separation agreements, divorce, child welfare, and all other types of cases.

In the High Court we have been involved in cases representing international clients concerning movement of children across the borders of European countries, the Hague Convention, Brussels Conventions.

We also provide Collaborative practice as an alternative to solving Family Law disputes

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