This is an area of Law most commonly associated with the buying and selling of properties, such as commercial properties, houses, apartments and agricultural land.

Buying or selling a house, for most of us, is the most significant financial decision affecting our lives and can be a stressful and difficult time for those involved. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to bring transactions to a smooth and timely conclusion. A full break down of all fees involved is provided at the beginning of the purchase or sale.

Conveyancing also relates to mortgages, other applications relating to the perfection of titles, adverse possession matters and purchase of Free Hold Interests. There are several other transactions relating to property with which we can assist you.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling properties
  • Mortgaging properties
  • Planning Matters
  • Landlord and tenant Law
  • Letting agreements
  • Co-ownership

What is involved in buying a house?

Once a sale has been agreed, the Auctioneer will an issue an Advice Notice (including all details of the sale) to both the Vendor’s solicitor and the Purchaser’s solicitor. The Vendor’s solicitor will prepare Contracts based on the details received from the Auctioneer and the Vendor’s Title documents. The contracts and copies of this title will be sent to the Purchaser’s solicitor who will investigate the title and satisfy himself/ herself that the Vendor has legal title to sell the property. The Purchaser’s Solicitor will also in normal circumstances act for a lending institution on behalf of the Purchaser and will arrange for the execution by the Purchaser of all legal documentation required to secure the Mortgage against the property

Once the Purchaser’s Solicitor is satisfied with the title and loan approval has been received the purchaser will then proceed to sign the Contracts and pay the balance of the deposit (usually 10% of purchase price).

Once Contracts have been exchanged the Purchaser’s solicitor will then set out the documents they require on completion. The Purchaser’s solicitor will also draft the necessary Deeds and documents to ensure the transfer of the Vendor’s title.

On completion the Vendor’s solicitor will hand over to the purchaser all documentation required by the Purchaser’s solicitor and the Purchaser’s solicitor will hand over the balance of the purchase price in exchange for the keys of the property.

The sale is then closed and the purchaser may take up occupation but the solicitor must then arrange to have the deed stamped by the Revenue Commissioners and registered with the Property Registration Authority, before returning the original title deeds to the Purchaser’s Lending Institution.