Employment Law


Employment Law & Unfair Dismissals

We offer a Comprehensive Employment Law Service to both Employers and Employees which includes:

  • Advising on Employment & Service Contracts
  • Advising Clients on their Statutory Obligation and Rights
  • Advising Employers on issues Leading to Dismissal and/or Redundancies
  • Dealing with cases before the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Rights Commissioner and The Labour Court
  • Advising Clients in relation to updating Procedures and Policies to insure compliance with regulations and industry standards.


We are glad to advise Employers in relation to:

  • recruitment procedures,
  • the drafting of Employment Contracts,
  • Grievance and Disciplinary procedures,
  • Bullying and Harassment policies,
  • the review of employment contracts
  • the appropriate steps, selection procedures and protocols in Redundancy situations
  • Health and Safety Legislation obligations and the maintenance of Statutory books of record.
  • Defence of employee actions before Employment Appeals Tribunal and Rights Commissioner


If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you have been inappropriately or unfairly treated we will be happy to advise and assist you. The issues may be resolved so as to make it possible for you to return to work in an improved environment. If this is not a realistic prospect, then we will assist you in achieving appropriate compensation for the losses you suffer as a result of your Employer’s failures in his/her duties to you.

If you feel:

  • inappropriate deductions are being made from your pay;
  • you are working excessive hours;
  • you are not receiving appropriate over-time pay or holiday pay;
  • you are not being treated as an equal in the workplace;
  • you are being discriminated against;
  • you are under undue and excessive stress;
  • you are being bullied or harassed;
  • you are suffering a work-related or stress related illness;
  • you are an Employees  of a group to whom an Employment Agreement relates and are have an issue with work practices in your workplace;

or if you are in any doubt about your rights, your entitlements or the treatment you are being afforded in your workplace we will be glad to advise you and to take action on your behalf if required.

We act for Employees in Wrongful Dismissal cases before the High Court and in Unfair Dismissals cases before Employment Appeals Tribunal. In appropriates cases we will bring our clients’ grievances before the Rights Commissioners Service and the Labour Court and will refer certain matters, where appropriate, to the Employment Protection Agency and the Data Protection Commissioner.

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